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Pilarcitos Creek Integrated Watershed Management Plan 

Pilarcitos Creek watershed is a significant environmental resource, rich in native plant and animal species and identified as critical habitat for the recovery of Steelhead trout (federally listed as threatened).  Dams, diversions, and loss of habitat due to channelization and rural and urban residential, agricultural, and commercial influences have significantly altered Pilarcitos Creek.  Loss of riparian habitat, migration barriers, sedimentation of stream channels, proliferation of non-native vegetation, and competition for water between agricultural, domestic and environmental uses are principal problems in the watershed.

The development of this local Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) involved stakeholders to determine how to more effectively manage the Pilarcitos Creek watershed to promote balanced solutions that satisfy environmental, public health, domestic water supply, and economic interests.  The Pilarcitos Creek Restoration Workgroup (Workgroup) developed the IWMP.  Its participants represent a wide range of diverse interests, including local, state and federal agencies, and local community and advocacy groups.  The Workgroup sought input from all affected stakeholders in the process, including local utilities, the agricultural community, public and private landowners, state and federal regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, local residents, and elected officials.

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