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San Mateo County is a hotspot of biological diversity and home to over 40 species of plants and animals at risk of becoming extinct. Our work helps give them a fighting chance.


Water is one of the most significant forces shaping the future of California. We help ensure clean and reliable water in San Mateo County for fish, farms, and people who share the precious resource.


We work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and prepare our community and wildlife habitat for resilience to extreme weather.


Agriculture is at the heart of coastal San Mateo County. Our services to farmers and ranchers help ensure viable local agriculture while also helping agriculture to be of service to the environment.


Wildfires are a serious threat in our region. We work with communities to reduce the risk of catastrophic fire, improve forest health, and heal the land after fire does occur.

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Help Develop Resource Priorities: Join the 2024 Local Working Group Meeting July 22nd

Join the RCD and NRCS’s Local Partnership Office for the 2024 Local Working Group meeting, July 22nd, 2024 on Zoom. At this meeting, we’ll discuss and set resource priorities for the next calendar year. All are welcome, and your insights into what resource concerns...

San Vicente Creek Water Quality Monitoring Report FY 23

The water quality monitoring report for the San Vicente Creek Bacteria Water Quality Improvement Plan for FY 23 is now available.

Presentation: Compost on the Coast

The Coastside Land Trust is hosting Doug Millar on Saturday, May 18th, at 10 am. Join us as Doug shares insights on composting, soil health, and carbon farm planning! Register at

Transform Your Ranching

Are you a Bay Area based landowner or land manager? Would you like to learn evidence-based strategies for growing the resilience and productivity of your rangelands? Join the San Mateo RCD with partners at TomKat Ranch, Point Blue Conservation Science, California FarmLink, and NRCS for a monthly educational series. Regenerative Ranching 101 begins August 2024. Click for more information.

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The RCD is a focal point for conservation and is uniquely positioned to spearhead conservation efforts on both private and public lands.  It is an invaluable resource for residents and agencies throughout the County for better stewardship of lands, watersheds and coastal resources.
Rich Gordon
State Assemblymember (former)

I am very impressed with the RCD and value their work in San Mateo County. It is an instrumental community based organization that helps people care for the farms and landscapes that support residents and visitors alike.

Don Horsley
San Mateo County Supervisor

Working with the RCD has been nothing but positive and collaborative.  They are a valuable bridge to landowners, helping us develop long-term working relationships. Perhaps more than anything we appreciate the RCD’s ability and willingness to solve complex problems for the conservation of natural resources for the residents of San Mateo County.

Patrick Rutten
NOAA Restoration Center (former)

With the RCD’s help, we are transforming our property to prevent pollution from washing into the ocean and create valuable habitat for local wildlife.

Barbara Kossy
Moss Beach resident

Working with the RCD was easy.  They developed a custom solution for managing manure that creates far superior compost than previously.  It is comforting to know we are doing a better job protecting the environment.

Nan Humbel
Morningstar Ranch

The RCD is vital to stewardship of POST’s coastal lands. Their work with us benefits the environment, farmers and ranchers, and the surrounding community.
Walter Moore
Peninsula Open Space Trust

The RCD helped me improve the efficiency of my irrigation system. Even with the drought, I was still able to irrigate my crops, using less water and energy than before.  And my new reservoir gives me water security for my farm while helping me protect the creek for fish.  I never thought this would happen!

Dave Repetto
Repetto’s Greenhouse and Nursery

The RCD is helping us restore habitat in Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve while also helping us be a good neighbor, reducing flooding to the surrounding community.

Chris Spohrer
California State Parks

We cannot recover populations of Coho salmon and Steelhead trout in San Mateo County without the habitat restoration, education, and public outreach efforts of the local RCD.  They are unique and invaluable to our agency’s efforts to recover these species.

Kit Crump
NOAA Restoration Center (former)

Because of the RCD’s solid relationship with the Midcoast communities, they’ve helped the County establish meaningful water quality programs on the coast.
Breann Lieberman
San Mateo County Office of Sustainability

The RCD and NRCS are like family.  They work on behalf of the farmer and enable me to do the right thing for the environment while respecting my business needs. They seem to accomplish impossible things no one else can get done and have helped me be a good steward of my land.

Dee Harley
Harley Farms Goat Dairy

The RCD is my greatest hope for restoring Pescadero Marsh and stopping the flooding in our town.

Steve Simms
Pescadero resident, passionate angler

The RCD is a critical partner in our work to demonstrate and share the benefits of regenerative ranching.  Their stellar technical assistance has helped us practice better conservation, improve our ranch roads, and identify practical opportunities to increase carbon sequestration.  We are deeply grateful for the truly unique role RCDs play in creating productive relationships between landowners, producers, funders, researchers, and regulators.

Kevin Watt
TomKat Ranch

The RCD patiently guided us through the maze of acronyms and agencies to help us understand new water quality regulations mandated by State law and coordinated a town hall meeting for our community with presentations by agencies and scientists.  The RCD is an expert facilitator and resource on many of the difficult challenges we face, and has done so much to help our community.

Catherine Peery
Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council (former)

We do our best to protect wildlife and improve our land. Water conservation is always of great concern. With RCD and NRCS programs, we have built a large rainwater storage system that enables us to do our part to help preserve creek flow during summer months when water is lowest. And during drought years, stored rainwater helps us to keep our extensive native hedgerows thriving and our wildlife pond filled with fresh water.
Dan Shaffer
Alice Hill Grove