The San Mateo County Resource Conservation District (RCD) is searching for an outstanding team of professionals to conduct strategic invasive species removal and limited revegetation along Arroyo Leon Creek on the Johnston Ranch Property in Half Moon Bay. The riparian canopy is primarily comprised of native species, and the removal of the invasive plant species (focusing primarily on cape ivy) will protect the canopy, in turn protecting stream temperature and aquatic habitat. The cape ivy cover at the site ranges from 5% to over 80%. After extensive site review, restoration efforts will focus on a combination of initial removal of invasive weeds, repeat treatment over a course of three years, and limited revegetation with native understory species if recruitment of native vegetation is not sufficient. There is approximately 20 acres of existing riparian corridor that could benefit from this activity and a minimum of 3 acres will be selected to meet the mitigation requirements of the Caltrans Pipeline Project (SM280). Final project area boundaries will be established through a design review process that works to meet Caltrans mitigation requirements. This process will be led by project team staff from the RCD, Alnus Ecological and a firm that will be selected in this competitive bid process. The project team will also work in partnership with the landowner and operator to ensure the proposed restoration design will remain in protected areas which can be feasibly maintained and deliver maximum benefits to the enhancement of the available riparian corridor and to the habitat value of the site for CRLF and SFGS.

A Pre-Bid Meeting will be held on August 23rd at the Site and Proposals are due by September 7th. Please RSVP to Naftali[at] by August 20th if you plan to attend the meeting to receive more details.

Request for Proposal