We are thrilled to release Helping People Help the Land: a 15 year review (2015-2022).

It highlights the incredible achievements and remarkable impact of the RCD over the last decade and a half of our 85 years protecting the environment and helping ensure sustainable and resilient communities. It also sheds light on the numerous partnerships, collaborations, and community efforts that have made this work possible.

Learn about our work with partners and the community to:

  • Restore over 1,500 acres of wetland, forest grassland, and riparian habitats (equivalent to 1.5 times the size of Golden Gate Park)

  • Conserve 228 acre-feet of water annually (about the amount of water used by half the population of the entire south coast region)

  • Draw down more than 6,330 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on farms and ranches (equivalent to nearly 16 million miles of vehicle emissions)

  • Reduce community fire risk and help forests thrive across 546 acres of forest and 1,861 homes

  • Respond to more than 1,000 requests for assistance

Explore the report in English y en Español.