The San Mateo RCD stands in solidarity with the Black community against systemic racism and injustice. 

Racism and inequality are antithetical to our mission to help people – all people – help the land. We are committed to solidarity and to supporting Black conservationists.

We acknowledge the lack of diversity in conservation, and we have been giving a lot of thought to equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice in our lives and our work.  We are asking ourselves tough questions and making improvements about how we recruit employees, how we notice opportunities to bid on projects, and fundamentally whether we are accessible to all members of our community. We are in service to everyone in our district.  If you have ideas for how we can be better, please let us know. We are open to change and invite honest feedback.

We’d like to share a few humble suggestions on how our community can support and celebrate Black conservationists:

In solidarity,

Kellyx Nelson
Bryanna Whitney
Sheena Sidhu
Amy Kaeser
Noah Katz
Kasey Butler
Adria Arko
Maaya Hensman
Sara Polgar
Joe Issel
Lau Hodges
Cleopatra Tuday
Andrew Hall
Jarrad Fisher
Jeff Raifsnider