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2020 Fire Season is NOT Over Yet

You Cut and Stack, We’ll Do the Rest!


Getting Started

  • Defend your home from wildfire by creating defensible space.
  • Check to make sure your street is included in this chipping event.
  • Clear brush and small trees from around your home.
  • Pile vegetation on the curbside and we’ll do the rest!


What’s Acceptable

  • Branches, limbs and other woody vegetation up to 8″ in diameter.
  • The chipper program is designed for residential use only. NO commercial use.
  • NO construction or building materials. Must be gree of wire and nails.
  • No poison oak, vines, grass clippings or bags of leaves.
  • No trash, weeds, rocks, concrete, etc.
  • Piles only, no bags.

October 26-27
Selected Streets for El Granada:

  • El Granada Blvd (including side streets),
  • Dunn Rd,
  • Columbus Ave (between Isabella Rd and Santa Maria Ave),
  • Del Monte Rd (between Avenue Portola and San Pedro Rd),
  • Dolores St,
  • Avenue Balboa (between Valencia Ave and Montecito Ave).

For more information, please contact the San Mateo Fire Safe Council.
650-712-7765 x 115 or

This service is provided free of charge to area residents by San Mateo County through Measure K funds. Donations are accepted.