Butano Creek Channel Stabilization and Habitat Enhancement at Cloverdale Road Bridge


Over time, erosion has caused the stream bed of Butano Creek to lower at the The Cloverdale Road Bridge in Pescadero. This puts the piers of the bridge at risk of becoming exposed and has destabilized the surrounding creek banks, which are depositing sediment into the water and negatively impacting water quality. The San Mateo Resource Conservation District (RCD) and San Mateo County Department of Public Works (DPW) are working in partnership to address these erosion-related impacts near the Cloverdale Road Bridge. 

This project will ensure that slopes and channel banks surrounding the piers are stable and secure while also greatly improving habitat for wildlife that count on our local creeks. RCD and DPW are also working to store sediment in the stream in this area that would otherwise wind up downstream. This will help to reduce flooding downstream and increase the longevity of the Butano Creek Reconnection Project that was completed in 2019.  


  • Stabilize bridge piers of Cloverdale Road Bridge 
  • Improve instream habitat for fish and other wildlife 
  • Stabilize streambanks and store sediment 
  • Reduce flooding downstream 


  • Project activities will occur from July 6 2021 to mid-September 2021.  

What You Will See 

  • People and heavy machinery will be moving in the area Monday-Friday from 7:00am – 5:00pm 
  • The road will have controlled traffic during construction times. 

More Information 

The RCD will post updates on this webpage as well as on project signs at the project site. If you have additional questions, please contact Jarrad Fisher.  

Project Updates

Project Update: August 8

Work has been progressing at a steady pace and Hanford ARC is moving ahead with ESM placement downstream of the bridge, working to create habitat pools and beginning RSP placement at the bridge. Much of the work that will take place over the next two weeks will involve placement of rock, installation of log structures and slide repair activities.

This Week

  • Hanford ARC started RSP installation at Cloverdale bridge and will continue this work through next week.
  • Hanford ARC continued installation of ESM within the creek channel downstream of the bridge.
  • Hanford ARC continued construction on the first habitat pool downstream of the bridge and is starting work on the second pool.
  • Hanford ARC continued work on the slide repair.
  • RCD sent the SOW to the California Conservation Corps for the revegetation that will occur after construction is completed.

Next Week

  • Hanford ARC will continue placement of ESM downstream of the bridge and working on building out habitat pools.
  • Hanford ARC will continue installation of RSP within the bridge right of way.
  • Hanford ARC will work to get log delivered to the site in preparation for LWD installations.

Photo 1. RSP placement at Cloverdale Bridge.

An image of the construction site.

Photo 2. Hanford ARC working to dig out the second habitat pool downstream of the bridge.

Photo 3. Hanford ARC starting rock placement at the second habitat pool.

Project Update: July 30

Hanford ARC has been working diligently and is currently ahead of schedule. Construction activities over the last week included concrete removal around the bridge, vegetation removal and placing fill dirt within the channel at Cloverdale bridge in preparation for RSP (Rock Slope Protection, or small fragments of rock designed to reduce erosion) import.


This Week

  • Hanford ARC continued vegetation removal actives with the creek corridor.
  • Hanford ARC completed concrete removal around the bridge and began to install fill with oversight from CMAG and Waterways.
  • Hanford ARC will begin installation of RSP within the creek channel.

Next Week

  • Hanford ARC will continue grading activities within the channel.
  • Hanford ARC will continue installation of RSP within the creek channel.