Compost Program


SB (Senate Bill) 1383 is a new climate law that aims to reduce methane emissions by reducing the amount of organics (like foodwaste and yard clippings) from being landfilled. To promote development of the compost economy, the law requires that every city, town, and county in California purchase and distribute a certain amount of compost, mulch, or renewable natural gas annually, refered to as “procurement targets.” The procurement quantity for each jurisdiction is based on their population size.  This provides a great opportunity to use compost locally to boost biology, build soil structure, and improve infiltration and water holding capacity on San Mateo County farms and ranches.

The RCD pilot program (2022-2023) helps jurisdictions meet procurement targets while providing reduced cost compost to farmers and ranchers. The project is a partnership between all the cities within and the county of San Mateo.

How you can participate

Step 1: Contact Doug Millar to discuss your project. Be ready to talk about if you’ve used compost, acreage, and desired application rate.

Step 2: Doug will provide you with the Compost Program Application Form. 

Step 3: We schedule the compost delivery with you. 

Step 4: Compost is delivered and spread. 

Step 5: The RCD pays up to 75% of the cost.

If you need financial assistance to cover your 25% portion to boost your soil health, work with the RCD to find funding to help you apply for grant funding to cost-share, like CDFA Healthy Soils grants.


  • Cities within and County of San Mateo.

RCD Contact: Doug Millar