Integrated Watershed Restoration Program


IWRP facilitates high priority conservation projects through coordination of resource agencies with funding and permitting authorities. It helps these state, federal and local agencies meet their legal mandates (i.e. recovery of threatened and endangered species, meeting water quality objectives, etc.) through voluntary conservation projects on private and public lands.

This program lends itself to building trust between participating organizations and agencies, developing a sense of ownership for the program across political boundaries, a balanced mission of varied stakeholders, and leveraging capacity across diverse local stakeholders and working towards efficiency.

IWRP is a partnership of the Resource Conservation Districts of Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Mateo Counties with the California State Coastal Conservancy.  In San Mateo County, IWRP has:

  • Gauged streamflow in Pescadero, Butano, and San Gregorio creeks;
  • Removed barriers to migration of salmon and steelhead posed by dams, weirs, and roads;
  • Enhanced habitat complexity in critical stream reaches; and
  • Worked towards restoration of lagoons in Pescadero and San Gregorio.

For more information, check out the IWRP web page.


  • CA Coastal Conservancy
  • RCDs of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties
  • Federal, State and local resource agencies
  • Landowners

RCD Contact: Joe Issel