La Honda Fuel Break Project


CAL FIRE has envisioned a strategic 19 mile (approximately 100,000 feet) circular fuel break surrounding the community of La Honda to reduce the risk of fire. The San Mateo Resource Conservation District (RCD), working closely with CAL FIRE, will serve as project lead to plan, design, permit, and implement this fuel break to protect this vulnerable community and surrounding areas from fire.

La Honda is in the predominantly high-fire risk south coast region of San Mateo County. The local CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan) has identified it as a High Priority area for fire prevention work to protect the approximately 1000 residents, recreational lands (county parks, open preserves, youth camps), community services (humane society, juvenile services), community assets, ranches, and businesses, which are tucked within the forested landscape of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The RCD has brought together 21 private and public landowners and land managers to complete this fuel break and has the strong support of the community, Fire Safe San Mateo County, and government officials. The fuel break is expected to treat approximately 250 acres through the reduction of dense vegetation and removing ladder fuels (fuel that can carry fire into the trees canopy from the ground like a ladder) such as small-diameter trees and brush. In the event of a wildfire, this would provide safe access for fire engines and firefighting personnel, support the creation of firelines, and potentially slow the spread and lower fire intensity.

A map of the project can be found here. 



  • Planning: Fall 2022
  • Design and environmental compliance: 2023
  • Project implementation: 2024 – 2025


Project Updates

  • March 13, 2023 
    • We are the second phase of the fuel break project. We have acquired a Professional Registered Forester and an ecological consulting firm. We are now in the beginning stages of the design and environmental compliance stage of the project. We are reaching out to landowners and requesting for permissions and or access for environmental surveying. Please stay tuned for a kickoff meeting announcement early Fall 2023. 






RCD contact:  Eddie Sanchez

Project Map


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An image of a sunlit valley with grassland and mixed forest.