Grading Permit Exemption Program

The Grading Ordinance of San Mateo County authorizes the Resource Conservation District (RCD) to issue a Grading Permit Exemption in the following circumstances:

  • projects where the land to be cleared is for natural resource management;
  • agricultural use of land that is operated in accordance with a conservation plan approved by and implemented according to the practices of the RCD or when it is determined by the RCD that such use will not cause excessive erosion or sediment losses;
  • purposes of soil conservation that have been approved by the RCD;
  • agricultural water impoundments not exceeding the minimum limitations of the State Dams and Reservoir Act of 1967 when designed, observed, and approved by the RCD;
  • or repair storm damage consisting of slide repair, debris removal and water impoundment replacement on agricultural lands carried out under the purview of the RCD or NRCS.

A Grading Permit Exemption is not allowed to resolve grading violations.

To learn about the process for obtaining a Grading Permit Exemption (GRX) through the RCD, read this document: San Mateo RCD Grading Permit Exemption Instructions and Application.