Download the complete RFQ here.

The San Mateo Resource Conservation District (RCD) is seeking contractors to support the RCD’s Forest Health and Fire Resiliency (FHFR) Program which includes forest management and fuel reduction projects throughout San Mateo County, and the adjacent Santa Cruz Mountain range. The overall goals of the program include reducing wildfire risk, assisting landowners in increasing defensible space, improving emergency evacuation/access routes, and increasing the fire resiliency of forests and watershed ecosystems in San Mateo County through project development, permitting, and project implementation. Several different project types are covered by this program, and the RCD is seeking a qualified forester/contractor to support activities related to:

· Project planning and development of management plans (e.g. Timber Harvest Plans, Notice of Emergency Timber Operations for Fuel Hazard Reduction, revegetation plans, Vegetation Management Plans, invasive species removal plans, pest/diseased tree removal plans, etc.)

· Permitting (e.g. California Environmental Quality Act, Coastal Development Permits, County of San Mateo Significant Tree Removal Permit, avoidance and minimization measures, biological assessments, etc.)

· Support overseeing project implementation for fuel reduction, tree removal, revegetation, etc.

· Participation in development of outreach materials and participation in outreach efforts with stakeholders

The deadline for submittals is January 9th, 2020. Late proposal submissions will not be considered. Send submittals to

The complete RFQ can be downloaded here.