5/22/2021: San Mateo Daily Journal: San Mateo County approves garter snake protections  (Download PDF Download PDF)

11/18/2020: Half Moon Bay Review: New Life – Coho salmon released into Pescadero Creek
(Download PDF Download PDF)

8/12/2020: Half Moon Bay Review: RCD repairing stream crossing in Pescadero Creek Park

2/12/2020: Half Moon Bay Review: CalFire awards grant to conservation districts

2/7/2020: Press Release: $5.3M Award for Forest Health and Fire Resiliency Across San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties 

2/5/2020: Press Release: Barbara Kossy Named President of RCD

12/16/19: KQED Science: Restoration of a San Mateo County Creek Reopens a gateway for Endangered Salmon

12/6/19: SF Chronicle Open Forum: What we can learn from the saving of a San mateo county creek

11/7/2019: Daily Journal: Long-awaited Butano Creek restoration project finished

11/5/2019: SF Chronicle: Restoring a San Mateo County creek to help fish thrive

6/26/2019: Half Moon Bay Review: RCD to start dredging Butano Creek

3/18/2019: Long sought creek restoration in Pescadero takes major step

12/19/2018: Half Moon Bay Review: District builds ponds for farmers

10/10/2018: Carbon Farming Bears Different Fruit

8/15/2018: Project to Reduce Flooding and Restore Fish Habitat in Pescadero Begins

Fall 2017: Not a moment to spare

8/8/2017: Pescadero community restores historic floodplain

7/14/2017: Millions allocated toward Butano Creek restoration

Fall/Winter 2016: Opening up the historic spawning grounds within the Pescadero watershed

6/15/2016: Supervisors fund water needs assessment

4/26/17: County takes stock of agricultural water needs

4/20/2016: High bacteria levels entering the ocean, RCD says smart landscaping can reduce pollution

10/7/2015: Event focuses on weed killer, some concerned about use of RoundUp

8/10/2015: RCD and POST receive nearly $1 million for floodplain restoration

3/12/2015: Women’s Hall of Fame

2/26/2015: Celebrating 75 years of getting down and dirty

11/28/2014: RCD presents conceptual Pescadero flooding solutions

11/13/2014: South Coast gets nearly $4 million in drought relief, RCD awarded grant from State

7/24/2014: Dry times plague local growers, new equipment helps them cope

5/2/2014: A state of harmony (video)

2/27/2014: Dogs, cattle not main culprits in harbor pollution

1/8/2014: County hires first “agbudsman”

9/11/2013:  San Mateo RCD helps threatened steelhead access 40 miles of habitat

9/5/2013:  Restoration effort benefits steelhead trout in San Francisquito Creek

8/9/2013: Creek project will help endangered fish run free

6/6/2013: Study pinpoints harbor’s pollution problem

3/22/2013: Restoration work on the San Francisquito Creek spearheaded by local conservation group (video)

6/19/2012: Innovative biochar trials at Cabrillo Farms

10/20/2011: RCD offers workshops to livestock owners

6/29/2011: Conservation district reaps unprecedented funding

6/17/2011: San Mateo County RCD awarded $1.3 million for partnerships in resource protection

3/16/2010: Geotourism comes to the Coastside

11/25/2008: RCD president awarded for service

10/1/2008: Community volunteers aid circulation study at Pillar Point

9/5/2008: Officials trying to solve mystery of harbor bacteria

9/2/2008: NOAA awards Monterey Bay area environmental education grants

6/25/2008: Officials study harbor water quality



Landscape photo credit: Ron Sturgeon